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The major products of ATM Amorphous Metals Division are amorphous & nanocrystalline materials, cores and magnetic components which are widely applied in power distribution, electric and electricity, industrial power supply, renewable energy, consumer electronics, aerospace, transportation etc. We are committed to offering advanced energy-saving materials and solutions for our customers.
The annual production of high-precision Antainano® ribbon is more than 3000 tons. With the composition of Fe、Si、B、Cu、Nb and other elements, through specific annealing process at cooling rate of 106℃/s, the soft magnetic alloy material with superfine grain size (~10nm) is obtained.
This new type of metallic functional material is characterized by short production process, one step forming and energy-saving consumption. It owns both features of high saturation magnetization (Bs) of Fe- based Antaimo® alloy and high permeability of cobalt-based Antaimo® alloy, thus it can well meet the performance requirements of high frequency and low loss.
This material is mainly applied in the production of high-end common mode chokes, high frequency transformer, all kinds of current transformers and high-end magnetic amplifier, etc. Related cores and components are mainly used in new energy vehicle power management system, drive system, wireless charging module for mobile phone, rail transit, the precipitation power, grid-connected photovoltaic inverter, digital electronic products, and smart meters in the power grid, etc to meet the requirement of high frequency, huge current, smallness and energy-saving.

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