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As a leading manufacturer in atomization powder field, ATM has been engaged in atomization technology over 40 years and can produce metal and alloy powders with various characters and sizes. As one of the biggest domestic bases that produce atomization powders, we possess advanced equipments and top-grade management. In 2003 we invested more than 5 million US dollars on building up a set of ultra-high pressure water atomization line and a set of imported vacuum gas atomization line. At present, ATM has 12 pairs of atomization systems; The total production capacity is about 5000 tons per year.

Main Products:
High performance Fe-Ni, Fe-Si and Fe-Si-Al magnetic alloy powders
Pure metal and pre-alloyed matrix powders for metal bonded diamond tools
New catalyst powders for synthesizing single crystal diamond
Ultra-fine low alloy steel and stainless steel powders for MIM
High-speed steel and heat-resisting alloy powders
Thermal spraying powders


Material and Properties


High purity, low inclusion
Irregular and spherical particle shape
Main particle size in D50 between 5~100μm
Low oxygen content

Application Area

CISRI is serving as an important R&D base and a leading provider of advanced materials and products in China. CISRI owns a broad spectrum of technical know-how and advanced products in various industrial fields such as functional materials, powder metallurgy materials, refractory metals, high temperature alloys and structural materials.
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